07 December 2022, 02:00

How to top up with Sky Pay

How to make a deposit through the Sky Pay payment system at Lux Casino
 1. Choose a convenient method. The search starts.
 2. Next, you will have the details for the transfer.
 3. Transfer the deposit amount indicated on the site using the details (comment to the payment, if necessary)
 4. Confirm the transfer by clicking - I PAID.
*( If you have any questions, write to CHAT with the Seller)
❗️ 5. Waiting for payment confirmation! Do not switch to LUX until the payment has passed. ❗️
 6. After a successful payment, you will see - "Payment was successful" then click on the "Return to the site" button.
 7. Go back to the Lux website and your balance will be replenished :)

Video instruction on how to replenish the balance in 2 minutes


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